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    Black Nails with Colorful Flower Design

    I frequently noted throughout this article that black nails command some color. Therefore, it’s only fitting that we finish off this list with colorful black nails. I also said that flowers are the best option for that purpose, and who doesn’t love flowers? More

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    Black and White Tribal Design

    A tribal design is not something that’s easy to get. After all, tribals are one of the most complicated and unique symbols. But if you find a manicure specialist who can help you, absolutely go for it. Think of it as a tattoo for your nails. More

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    Black and White Nails with Lines

    No matter if you’re looking at the fashion world, the beauty industry, or the interior design world, black and white is an everlasting combination. The simplicity of black and white is what people often crave. We have a perfect example of that combination for nails here. More

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    Red with Poppy Flower Design

    One of the simplest ways to make your nails pop is to add a flower. And red nails benefit from that as well. Truth be told, red nails pop enough on their own. The flower in this case serves more for balancing things out, and less for popping out. More

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    Red with Gel 3D Dots

    I’ve noticed that people aren’t satisfied with just two dimensions anymore. They want a third dimension. The trend came into the world of manicures as well. Personally, I don’t know why would you need a third dimension to add depth to your nails. But hey, some people want it. And this is just one idea. More

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    Whitey tidy

    No, this is not a wedding nails design. White is just one of the best colors when you want to look clean, sleek, and sophisticated. Very few colors beat that. And for nails, rarely can any color achieve that effect. More

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