25 Mesmerizing Blue-White Nails For A Soft Look

When you think about, blue and white nails are two of the classic and timeless colors. White is such an underrated color for your nails. Most people think of white French, which is boring. But there are so many ways you can go with white.

As for blue, it is one of the most elegant and delicate colors. Blue offers ton of versatility as well. Light blue, dark blue, a combination of both, all that is left is for you to chose the most appropriate for you.

Now, I would like to draw your attention to some beautiful blue nails designs. Enjoy and feel free to share.

1. Ombre Blue Wave Design With Seashell Jewelry

Photo: manikyres.ru

We start off with a combination of blue and white. And is there a better way to combine two colors than ombre? Blue is the color of the sea, so it is only fitting that we have some seashells there as well. Truly summery design that you have to try.

2. Blue Sparkle Confetti Design

Photo: instagram.com

Usually, blue is not a color you combine with glitter and confetti. I do not know why, but people do not go that way. However, I am here to show you that blue works perfectly with confetti. You truly emphasize the depth of the color.

3. Royal Blue With Silver Accents And Rhinestones

Photo: instagram.com

Few years ago, royal blue was the hottest color on the market. We wore it on everything. From shoes, to dresses, and even on nails. Years have passed, but the color stays one of the most popular. And remember, Kate Middleton loved her royal blue dress. Now, for your nails, royal blue gives you that elegance and sophistication to go along with formal outfit.

4. Black Framed Blue Ombre With Colorful Rhinestones

Photo: instagram.com

As you can see, there are many different ways you can do ombre with blue and white. We had a sea-inspired theme at the beginning. Now we have more of a romantic and baby blue design. I love the black frame, as it gives shape to your nails.

5. Simple French White And Blue Mani

Photo: tikrasotka.com

I said at the beginning that the white French is kind of boring. And I still believe that. But the blue and white French is a totally different story. Just look how little you need to transform a boring manicure into something beautiful.

6. Navy Blue Metallic With Glitter Accent

Photo: instagram.com

If there is one color that looks awesome in metallic, that is blue definitely. Metallic gives blue edginess, sexiness, and truly brings out the best out of the color. Combine it with some silver glitter, and you have one of the best pairings in the world of blue.

7. Cool Blue Splatter Design

Photo: instagram.com

Personally, I must say I love these splatter designs. They look like you’ve just splashes some color on your nails. yes, they look undefined, but that is the beauty of it. And you have to admit this blue hue is very elegant.

8. Blue Mandala Nail Design

Photo: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

I am always surprised when I see some odd pairings. For example, mandala in manicure. But that is the beauty of it. You can combine anything you like, as long as you are creative and the end result is great. In this case, the end result more than better justifies the means. Just look how whimsical those nails look.

9. Beach Ombre Design On Coffin Nails With Jewelry

Photo: instagram.com

We started the list with a beach-inspired ombre. Now we go with a different setting. These nails are a little bit clearer. And there is more jewelry than just the seashells.

10. Matte Blue Nail With White Acrylic Flowers And Sequins

Photo: larissascarlatymakeup.blogspot.com

Same as metallic, blue is perfect color for matte design. Just look at the depth of that color. And the white flowers play the role of contrast just perfectly. If you didn’t think it by now, I am sure you now believe blue and white is a match made in heaven.

11. Dark Blue With Broken Glass Accent

Photo: coolmanicure.com

Another effect that has been popular recently in manicure is the broken glass effect. It works great with almost any color. Blue is one of the better though. The trend of shattered glass manicure started first in Korea, but we adopted it with ease.

12. Reverse White Blue Ombre

Photo: letemjealous.com

We had ombre where blue was the dominant color. Now we have ombre where white is the dominant color. As you can see, there are many experiments with blue and white ombre you can try.

13. Jean Nails With Stars

Photo: scarlet21vek.ru

This is one of the forgotten blue hues. When it comes to blue, people’s first association is dark blue. but the light blue is even better in some cases. And no, this is not the romantic baby blue hue. I call it sky blue, and it is definitely fitting, given the white stars accessories.

14. Blue Nails With White Accent And Metallic Stripes

Photo: .magiclady.net

I love it when sometimes, simple additions enrich the manicure. For example, the blue nails look boring to be honest. But the white accent nails with the stripes bring life to the manicure.

15. Zebra Nail Art Design

Photo: photochamber.net

If you thought zebra can be only black and white, think again. Yes, we won’t find blue and white zebras in the wild. But that doesn’t mean we cannot experiment with some zebra effect on our nails. After all, we are only after the stripes, nothing more.

16. Clear Blue In Different Hues

Photo: vashi-nogti.ru

I said earlier that just blue nails can be boring. And I stand by it. But here we have different hues, showing the depth of the blue color. For a sophisticated and elegant look, this manicure is perfect. And you know that an office job requires something similar.

17. Blue Gray Marble Design

Photo: glamusha.ru

The marble effect is one of the hottest manicure trends in 2017. People are more and more amazed by the marble outlook, they are trying to incorporate in everything. And that includes nails. I know most of the time, marble contain a combination of black, gray, and white. But blue can be a fitting alternative.

18. Baby Blue With Glitter Edge Line

Photo: coach-of-coaches.info

It was about time to give you some of that baby blue, right? I feel you ladies. I love baby blue as well. It is one of the most romantic and feminine colors. When it comes to baby blue, you can go two ways. Even clear baby blue nails are perfect. But if you truly want to take your nails to the next level, add some accessories.

19. Blue Constellation Design

Photo: one1lady.com

I’ve seen the constellation effect rise up in the ranks recently. It is not surprising. After all, astrology and astronomy are becoming more popular fields of science as well. And we have always been amazed by the stars.

20. Almond Sparkle Nails With Gems

Photo: instagram.com

One thing I have to note is that this manicure is not suitable for everyday. After all, if you need to attend a formal event, you might need to think twice about this manicure. However, since it is summer, I must give you more of that summer and beach vibe. And this is exactly that.

21. Baby Ombre Dreamcatcher Design

Photo: instagram.com

I said earlier that baby blue is best when accessorized. Well, that doesn’t always mean accessories like rhinestones. Sometimes, that means accessories in the form of different designs. The dreamcatcher is definitely one of the more interesting options.

22. Royal Blue With Flower And Butterfly Design

Photo: coolmanicure.com

I said it before, and I will say it again. Royal blue is one of the most beautiful colors in the whole colors palette. So elegant and feminine in the same time, royal blue evokes a magical feeling. Add in some decorations, and you have wizardly manicure.

23. Blocked Blue Nails With Glitter

Photo: collections.yandex.ru

Some ladies just want little more complex manicure. And I get that. Therefore, I give you the blocked blue design with some glitter. There is some geometry in there. Understandable, geometry is another of the trends in fashion lately.

24. Light Glitter Blue With Silver Blue Lines

Photo: instagram.com

We talked earlier that blue and silver are a match made in heaven. Same goes for white and blue. I want to give you several different ideas for for blue, silver, and white, and here is one for lighter hues of blue.

25. Naked Blue white Nails With Flowers

Photo: static.jamadvice.com.ua

I feel romantic, so I wanted to share my emotions with you. Therefore, flowers for the end. I love to give flowers as a gift. Therefore, consider these manicure ideas my gift for you ladies. Hope you enjoy and appreciate it.

And if you think I’ve missed some manicure design, feel free to tell me in the comments.

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