27 Lovely And Extravagant Clear Nail Designs

Clear nails first started appearing back in 2015. And they are here to stay since then. What makes clear nails so beautiful? Well, for starters, they offer a glass-like quality to your nails.

Clear nails are elegant and sexy. And there is definitely more than it meets the eye. Clear nails have taken nail art to a whole new level. Redefining nude acrylic art, here are some ideas for magical clear nails.

1. Coffin Nails With Rhinestones And Fire Effects

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When you talk about magic, you have to start with something mythical. And that is the fire. We’ve always been amazed with fire, and these nails are just what you want and need. The rhinestones look even more awesome.

2. Negative Space White Nails With Glitter And Silver Flakes

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As mentioned previously, accessories look that much better on clear nails. Because they are transparent, clear nail allow you for more creativity and accessorizing.

3. Red Ombre With Clear Halo Nails

Photo: instagram.com

We have to have ombre for any nail design. You just cannot go wrong with ombre. And one of the colors that is perfect for ombre is red. Being that red is considered a bold color, with ombre you balance things out. Glitter is just a nice finishing touch.

4. Black And Gold Tipped Stiletto Nails

Photo: instagram.com

Just look at those tips, and how much more awesome they look. Clear nails allow for that to happen. If you ever wondered if stiletto nails can get sexier, you have the answer now. Yes, they can!

5. Pink Glitter Nails With White Pattern Design

Photo: instagram.com

I must say, I am not much of a fan of the “every nail is different” technique. But in this case, it looks surprisingly good. Everything revolves around the pink color, and we get to see what you can do with that.

6. Clear And White Pearl Nails

Photo: instagram.com

White pearls are timeless. And in that spirit, white pearl nails are timeless as well. You get an accent nail in there as well for some “wow” effect.

7. Lime Green Mixed Design

Photo: instagram.com

Now this is a manicure for bold ladies. Lime green is not something everyone can wear. You definitely need a lot of confidence to go out with lime green nails. But if you think you can wear them, I recommend you try. Definitely something that will turn heads.

8. Pink Clear Tipped Nails With Lines Of Green Swirls

Photo: instagram.com

Swirls are a great way to make your nails looks whimsical and playful. Pink and green is also a good pairing. One thing you have to say about these nails is they are unique.

9. Translucent Galaxy Design

Photo: instagram.com

You knew galaxy nails are coming. After all, clear nails allow for some deeper colors and more unique designs. And that is what galaxy nails bring to the table. You can even miss the accessories because the nails are just perfect.

10. Gray Nails With Rhinestones And Flowers

Photo: instagram.com

Oh my gosh, these look so seductive. I think even men won’t be able to resist these nails. Just look at them and how sexy they are. Some might say gray is not a sexy color. Well, it depends how you play with it. Tell me these gray nails do not look sexy?

11. Glass Iridescent Nails

Photo: instagram.com

Another design you have to try with clear nails is glass iridescence. Clear nails give you the perfect base for the iridescence effect to reach its full potential.

12. Almond Rose Design Clear Nails

Photo: instagram.com

The rose looks that much more perfect on clear nails. The color is more emphasized, making the rose pop.

13. Turquoise Gem Nails

Photo: instagram.com

You can say this is a bit of a summery manicure. After all, turquoise is a color associated with summer. When the summer hits, we all want some fresh and vibrant colors. Turquoise is just that, and it works perfectly in any setting. The best part is you can combine it with some neutral colors as an accent nail.

14. Glitter And Honeycomb Design

Photo: instagram.com

When put on clear nails, glitter looks richer and more luxurious. As I’ve mentioned, that is the case with most designs for clear nails. If you really want your nails to pop, and experiment with some color, clear nails is the way to go.

15. Pink And Rose With Gems

Photo: instagram.com

Pink and rose are almost non-noticeable colors. They are neutral, to the point you do not notice your nails are transparent. When you opt for pink for your clear nails, you have to have something that will pop. In this case, that is rhinestones.

16. Broken Glass Translucent Design

Photo: instagram.com

There are so many effects you can experiment with clear nails. They offer as much. Broken glass is one of them. After all, clear nails are like glass, they are transparent and see-through.

17. Stiletto White-Blue Design With Gems

Photo: instagram.com

I must say, I am not much of a fan of stiletto nails. But I cannot deny they look perfect. Stiletto nails are just so feminine and sexy. Almost everything you put on them looks great. In this case, we have an artistic and creative masterpiece.

18. Pink Translucent Broken Glass And Lace Design

Photo: instagram.com

As I’ve mentioned previously, you can experiment with different effects. As for the lace, you might think it doesn’t pop in this setting. But that is exactly the point, as lace is perfect complimentary design and pattern.

19. Glow-In-The-Dark Blue Wavy Nails

Photo: instagram.com

They say glow in the dark objects are childish, and designed for parties. Well, even if that is true, why should you stop partying? And when you visit the club, you will be one of the most noticeable persons in the room.

20. Pink And Purple Glitter Design

Photo: instagram.com

We had pink previously, and I talked that pink is rather neutral and non-noticeable color. But when you add purple to the mix, and some girly pink as well, you get a vibrant pairing. And since we are working with clear nails, the colors are deeper.

21. Purple-Green Metallic Glitter Nails

Photo: instagram.com

Some people might say this is just too much. There are so many accessories and colors here. But I am sure there will be people that do not mind the colorfulness.

22. White Lace Design

Photo: instagram.com

If you thought lace cannot work on clear nails, think again. Basically, lace can work on everything, and look as romantic as ever. Yes, it would be nice if there was some base under the lace. But this works as well.

23. Clear Nails With Embedded Flower

Photo: nailpro.com

When I talked about neutral pink earlier, I said that you need some accessory to make your nails pop. And this flower definitely gets the job done. With some fall colors, the manicure is perfect for women that want to stay low-key, but still unique.

24. Black Marble Swirls

Photo: instagram.com

Swirls are one of those designs that look much better on clear nails. Black is also a nice option, as it is rather deep color. Put it on clear nails, and you get even more depth. Sexy, sensual, and elegant in the same time.

25. Diamond Cinderella Nails

Photo: instagram.com

Some people want rhinestones, some want something more. No, these are not real diamonds. After all, who can afford that. But the trick is your nails should look like diamonds.

26. Clear Cat Nails With Glitter Specks

Photo: instagram.com

Think of clear nails like your white canvas. You can paint anything on it. And you can just splash some colors and it will look like a masterpiece. At least that contemporary art is. Same applies for your nails. Splash some glitter, and they look awesome.

27. Ice And Fire Holographic Nails

Photo: instagram.com

I would like to finish with a design that represents two opposites. Ice and fire are on the total opposite side of the spectrum. Combined together, they form a mighty alliance and pairing. And no, this is not the George Martin novel.

Thanks for sticking to the end ladies. I hope you had a nice time. And I would like to see your clear nails designs.

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