18 Diamond Nails Becoming A Hit From Korea

You know the rule: the colorful world of Korean beauty sets up most of the trends. And in the world of manicure, the good people of Korea have given us another trend. That is diamond nails. This head-turning nail art will not go away anywhere.

The diamond nails are an extension of the mesmerizing shattered glass manicure we saw in 2016. Diamond nails are a glimmering prism design that reflects light from all angles. And there are different ways how you can follow the trend.

One way is to draw a diamond on your nails, for example. And while Koreans are known for their strange style and fashion, we cannot get enough of these diamond nails. Besides, is there a woman out there that doesn’t like diamonds? They are truly woman’s best friend.

1. Painted Diamond Tip

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As I said at the beginning, one way to follow the diamond nails trend is just to paint one diamond. And there is no better finger for that than the thumb. Make the thumb the focal point of your nude manicure with a diamond.

2. Diamond With White Sparkles

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This is the true diamond nails trend we’ve all been craving for. They look perfectly when paired with white sparkles for an elegant and luxurious manicure. You just know that you want to wear this manicure at a black tie event. You do not need any more accessories.

3. Diamond Shaped Rhinestones On Naked Nails

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Whenever there is a nails trend, rhinestones follow it. The best part about rhinestones is they are versatile enough to fit any manicure style. In the terms of diamond nails, all you need is diamond-shaped rhinestones. Add them to any nude mani, and you have yourself a winner.

4. Short Black Nails With Diamond Accent

Photo: instagram.com

Some people prefer to have all their nails as diamonds. Some want just accent nails. If you opt for the latter, there are few ways to combine your nails with the manicure. Black mani is certainly on the top of the list, as it allows the diamonds to sparkle.

5. Diamond Pearl Nails

Photo: instagram.com

The opposite of black manicure with accent diamonds is pearl manicure. While black is more bold and lets the diamonds pop, pearl is a more subtle take on the accent nails. The color is very close to the diamonds, giving your manicure more flow than pop. After all, it comes down to style and preference. Do you want to pop, or do you want to blend.

6. Diamond Effect On Yellow Nails

Photo: instagram.com

Speaking of diamond nails that pop, we cannot ignore vibrant colors like yellow. In this case, you do now know whether the yellow pops, or the diamond pops. One thing is certain though, you will get noticed. If that is your goal, feel free to go for it.

7. Amethyst Stamped Diamond Nails

Photo: instagram.com

Diamonds are some of the most precious gems. But in the world of gems, there are many other precious stones. Amethyst is one of them, and we love this combination of the two. Just a neat way to add some color to the diamond nails.

8. Diamonds With Rose Nails

Photo: instagram.com

This manicure is very similar to the pearl diamonds we had earlier. The small difference is that there are two accent nails instead of one. The neutral base color is very similar though.

9. Holographic Diamonds

Photo: instagram.com

This is the original trend that came out of Korea. Back at the time, we lacked a tutorial how to make it. Nowadays, however, I have the tutorial ready for you. Enjoy your new nails.

10. Geometric Diamond Design

Photo: instagram.com

Every manicure benefits from incorporating other styles. That applies for diamond nails as well. One of the biggest trends in the past few years is geometry. With that in mind, we give diamonds a geometry makeover. You cannot tell me it doesn’t look mesmerizing.

11. Bright Red With Naked Half Moons And Diamond Accents

Photo: instagram.com

As I’ve said few times before, there are two ways you can go with diamond nails. One is to be bold with colors that pop. And the other is to go with subtle colors. Red falls into the former category. The half moon is just another accent to make the manicure more playful than usual.

12. Half Naked Half Colorful Diamonds

Photo: instagram.com

Playing with different shapes and forms will give any manicure a unique design. Yes, it can be time-consuming to make each nail different. And it will definitely take a lot of effort. But the only thing that matters is the end result. Is it worthy? In this case, we can safely say definitely YES.

13. Pink Diamond With Abstract Face Design

Photo: instagram.com

We had pink nails with diamonds. And now, the diamonds are actually pink. Now isn’t that good for a change? Yes, it looks a bit girly and teenage-like. But who cares? The only thing that matters is whether you like it or not.

14. Pineapple Patter Diamond Nail Jewelry

Photo: instagram.com

You can even give diamond nails the 3D makeover. That means adding depth with some object. And is there anything more cute than pineapple? Fresh, fruity, and unique in the same time. I love it, and I believe there will be ladies out there that love ti as well.

15. Different Colored Diamond Nails

Photo:  instagram.com

We had different shapes and different colors previously. Now, we stick just to different colors. And we stick to more neutral colors like black and white. Just make sure to add one accent nail in a vibrant color. Or in one that pops like purple.

16. Coffin Diamond And Glitter Silver And Black Nails

Photo: pinterest.com

This is definitely the most sophisticated and elegant take on the diamond nails. Coffin nails make you look more feminine, and you have more space for diamonds and glitter. Can you say no to more diamonds? Of course you cannot.

17. Mismatched Gem-like Diamonds

Photo: instagram.com

The trick here is to give your nails a different shape than they regularly have. I can tell you for sure, your manicure specialist will not like it. It will take a lot of time. But, in the end, you pay for it, and you deserve to look different. Silver and gold is the best combination you can get.

18. Colorful Diamond Stamped Tips

Photo: .instagram.com

I would like to finish with a simple, yet very interesting design. You wear your jewels at the top of your fingers. And they come in different colors. Do you feel like a royal princess yet? Well, I am glad you do.

That would be all. I would like to get your ideas for diamond nails in the comments. Share them as much as you can.

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