25 Beautiful Feather Nail Designs To Blow You Away

There is so much symbolism behind a feather. For examples, in Christianity, feathers represent virtues. But before we get into the religious explanation, let’s just say feathers are much more.

They are seen as a symbol of hope, balance and good luck. But in the true and simplest meaning, a feather is just a fun design to have on your nails. Your manicure is a great place to get some feathers. And with nail art becoming more and more popular, let’s look at some ideas for feather nails.

1. Colorful Ombre Gel Nails With Feather Jewelry

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Ombre is such a huge part of beauty, hair, and fashion trends, we just cannot ignore it. So, let’s get ombre out of the way, and look at other designs, shall we. Not that ombre is not great. However, in the past few years, it looks like ombre has entered every little segment of our lives.

2. Sky Blue Nails With Cloudy Bird And Feather Design

Photo: instagram.com

If you do not look closely, you might not even see the feathers. I like subtle winks, and this is just that. The neon blue color is just perfect for peace and tranquility. Such color is fit for any job. If your workplace does not allow bolder colors, this manicure is great for having color, but also some uniqueness.

3. Neon Green With Black Chevron And Feather Pattern

Photo: 1.bp.blogspot.com

And while neon blue is great for any office job, green is not as much. The chevron sign is another trend that has entered basically everything in the past few years. You can think of this manicure as chevron manicure with a feather accent nail.

4. Dark Blue Nails With Golden Feather Stamp

Photo: instagram.com

These nails look like a Chinese kimono. You know those kimonos with many different symbols embodied on them? Well, here is a manicure in that spirit that looks absolutely flawless.

5. Red With Glitter Accent Nails And Black Feather

Photo: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

This red shade is more close to the pink, but never mind. No matter what you do in this life, you have to try red manicure at least once. It is a bold choice, I admit. But every woman should feel feminine and sexy with red manicure at least once in her life.

6. Purple And Teal Peacock Design

Photo: imgrum.org

When you think of feathers, you just cannot help but think of peacocks as well. In that spirit, peacock nails, right? Of course. The peacock colors are great for pairing with some neutral and pale colors like purple and teal.

7. Almond Peach Chrome Nails With Colorful Feathers

Photo: instagram.com

The same trick with the peacock applies here. When you have neutral shade on your nails, you want a color that will pop. Use one or two accent nails for that purpose, and you’ll be fine.

8. Black Base Nails With Connected Rainbow Feather Design

Photo: instagram.com

Now this is a manicure that has been well thought. I must say, I am impressed by the creative thinking. Rainbow colors are always a nice idea for your nails, but this is just way too impressive.

9. White Base With Real Black Feather Design And Golden Triangles

Photo: instagram.com

I must say, I am not much fan of the gold and black pairing. It might work in this case, but that is a combination I am not much fond of. What I like, however, is the design of the feather. Now that is stunning.

10. Red And Yellow Blending Nails With Black Feathers

Photo: instagram.com

When I think of red and yellow pairing, I immediately think of Malibu. You know that drink with the signature beach scene on it. Well, red and yellow make that scene that much perfect. And the same applies here. Red and yellow are just too good of a combination. No matter what the design is.

11. Neon Tipped Naked Nails Lined With Black Feather


We talked earlier that when you go nude or neutral nails, you need some color. Well, what better way to make your manicure more colorful than some neon colors. To be honest, neon colors really pop up. They might be too lively and vivid for some people. But I love them.

12. White Based Nails With Colorful Feather Design

Photo: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

I would like to say that with these nails, you will definitely look like a siren. Feminine, sexy, and subtle in the same time, these nails bring the best out of your character.

13. Gray And Yellow Feather Designs

Photo: instagram.com

I must say, I love unconventional pairings. Gray and yellow is one such pairing. When you think of it, it is hard to imagine these two colors working together. But by looking at the manicure, you realize you’ve been delusional before.

14. Naked Nails with Feather And Tribal Design And Rhinestones

Photo: instagram.com

The best way to take feather nails to the next level is to add even more decoration. What goes well with feathers? Well, tribal design of  course. Toss in some rhinestones there, and you’ve got several styles mixed in one manicure.

15. Pink And Purple Almond Nails With Colorful Feathers

Photo: imged.pl

We had several examples of nude and pale nails with colorful accent nail. Now, we get some colorful nails that pop, and the accent nail is more subtle. It is nice to see that the combination works both ways.

16. Black Rhinestone Nails With Black Feather On White Base

Photo: instagram.com

This is the drama queen manicure you’ve always wanted. You have everything. Black looking like glitter, rhinestones, and a signature symbol to tie everything together.

17. Rainbow Nails With Golden Outlined Feather Design

Photo: pinterest.com

If you want all your nails to be different, this manicure will get the job done. You have feather nails on one hand, and just colors of the rainbow on the other. The feather design looks flawless.

18. Turquoise Green Peacock Design

Photo: instagram.com

I just have to have more than one examples of peacock nails. This time, the colors of your nails are more in line with the peacock feather. And because of that, the feather is more subtle than popping out.

19. Naked Half Moon Pink Nails With Golden Feather Nail Jewelry

Photo: instagram.com

There are situations where colors are just not allowed. If that is the case, you can always try some nude nails. As for the feather, as you can see, golden glitter can get the job done. Elegant and classy, these nails might not make you the star of the show, but they will steal some attention.

20. Glittery Blue Nails With Dark Blue Feather Design

Photo: instagram.com

I am not much of a fan of glitter on nails, but there are situations where glitter works perfectly. This is such example. Glitter makes the light blue hue more appealing and attractive. And the feather design is like a story within the manicure. Nails with a story to tell. Now that is impressive.

21. Purple And Glitter Nails With Peacock Feather Design

Photo: weddbook.com

I am sure you thought there will be no more peacocks. Right? Well, wrong. I know you think what does purple has with the peacock feather? Well, any color that is by-product of blue works well with the peacock feather.

22. Beige Nails With Brown Feathers

Photo: mareniagloria.blogspot.mk

Another sleek and sophisticated manicure that you should try. This one is perfect for cocktail events when you wear a black dress. You want your nails to be subtle and not draw too much attention off the dress. But they are still very nicely done.

23. Pink, Blue, White Nails With Dream Catcher Design And Rhinestones

Photo: media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com

The dream catcher is another symbol that pairs well with feathers. After all, the dream catcher itself features some feathers.

24. Gray, Teal And Glitter Matte Feather Nails

Photo: instagram.com

I think this is the first matte design with feathers on the list. I almost forgot to show you a matte design that works well with feather accessories. Matte colors are different in the way they present accessories than standard nail polish colors. Matte colors are more elegant and subtle.

25. Blue Ombre Nails With Real Peacock Feather Design

Photo: instagram.com

We started off with an ombre design, and it is only logical that we finish off with ombre as well. As bonus, we have the peacock design again. If you can think of any other peacock design, be my guest.

In any case, I would love to see your feather design nails.

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