20 Neon Nail Designs For A Burst Of Bright Colors

Whenever you think of summer nails, one of the top ideas is always shinning and colorful nails. And you are right. Summer, and even spring, it is all about shinny colors. In that spirit, we look at a trend that was forgotten, but it is making a big comeback.

That trend is neon nails. Neon colors are extremely fun and playful. With neon colors you can add any bright color on your nails, and still look awesome. So, if you want to shine, the best way to do that this summer is with some neon nails. Let’s look at some of the ideas.

1. Pink And Yellow Sunset Almond Nails With Palm Tree Design

Photo: instagram.com

This is your ultimate Malibu beach neon color design. You’ve got the palm tree, you’ve got the Malibu colors. And then you top it all with some bright yellow and pink. It doesn’t get any better than this.

2. Green And Orange French Mani

Photo: nailartdesigns.info

Neon color allow you to give the old and boring French mani some life and playfulness. Breathe some life into the French mani with some bright colors. We try orange and green, as two colors that are very compatible to each other, and compliment perfectly.

3. Dark Purple With Neon Lines

Photo: picmia.com

You might say this manicure is a bit girly for you. And I understand you. Not many women over 30 are ready to experiment with so many colors, lines, and accessories on their nails. But you deserve to feel younger, even just by trying neon nails. And besides, they do look elegant. It’s not like you are putting Hello Kitty on your nails.

4. Colorful Neon With Smiley Faces

Photo: bestmanikyur.ru

This is a bit childish manicure, but you must also say it is cheerful and joyful. Spread positive vibes and energy with smiles all around you. That includes your nails as well. Even when you are feeling down, you can just look at your nails and rise back up. Perfect motivator, won’t you say?

5. Lime Green Neon With Black Lace Design

Photo: instagram.com

One of the biggest misconceptions about neon nails is that they are not feminine. Well, that is just plain wrong. Neon nails can be extremely sexy, feminine, and elegant. All you need to do is find the right color. I can safely say that lime green is one of the best neon feminine colors. Combine it with some black lace, and you have yourself a winner.

6. Neon Blocks Rainbow Design

Photo: thepicta.com

When you talk about neon nails, you just have to mention the rainbow. But instead of the classic rainbow lines, we try something different. Rainbow boxes might be a bit hard to get, as they require a ton of attention to details. But once you get it, everyone will be jealous of you.

7. Multicolored Neon Design

Photo: nailartdesigns.info

Another colorful design that is not the classic rainbow. You get half of the colors of the rainbow on your nails. But instead of classic shape and lines, we experiment with some objects and forms. Notice the blue hearts? They are simply adorable.

8. Turquoise And Sunset Nails With Negative Space Half Moons

Photo: instagram.com

I cannot decide what part of this manicure I like the most. I love the turquoise sunset. But I also love the yellow orange sunset negative. There is no better way to describe this manicure than “perfect”.

9. Stormy Eye Neon Design

Photo: favnails.com

Stormy eye is an aspect that has amazed artists for long time. You can find many art paintings and pieces with a stormy eye. There is a simple reason behind it. Stormy eye provides mystery, power, and a feeling of I-can-do-everything. Now, while I value and love mystery, when it comes to neon nails, you need a little bit down to earth design for stormy eye. And we’ve hit that by making it more normal.

10. Neon Aztec Design

Photo: instagram.com

You can find inspiration for your new nails in basically everything. From history, to art, to music, and everything in between. For this manicure, we look at history and the Aztecs. One of the most technologically advanced tribes, they have their own signature design. And it looks awesome. The neon treatment makes it more unique.

11. Blue And Yellow Splatter Lines

Photo: napu.com.br

You do not have to complicate things always to get a great manicure. Sometimes, a simple design can get the job done. That is exactly what happens here. But it is all about the color pairing. Blue and green compliment each other perfectly.

12. S-Shaped Naked Green Nails

Photo: inkyournail.com

Make you nails look whimsical just by adding one letter. You thought that was impossible? Well, the “S” proves you wrong.

13. Almond Neon Pink With Rhinestones

Photo: instagram.com

In addition to being feminine, neon nails can also look cute and adorable. The truth is they bring so much versatility to the table. In this case, we have some extremely cute nails. Not as cute as babies, but very close. Rhinestones can make any manicure better, and that is the case here as well.

14. Color Neon Drips

Photo: fchannel.ru

There is a belief that neon nails are girly and teenage-like. But you can look powerful with neon nails as well. There are many colors in the neon spectrum that look powerful. Take this manicure for example. Tell me you do not envision a powerful woman that will stop at nothing wearing this manicure? I know I do.

15. Orange Sunset Neon With Jewelry Stripes

Photo: instagram.com

The sunset is one of the most common inspirations for neon nails. After all, red, orange, and yellow are perfect neon colors. And they are all part of the sunset. You can combine these three in so many different ways. This one, for example, is a simple, yet effective.

16. Orange, Yellow, Green Ombre Base With Black Curvy Lines

Photo: instagram.com

You just cannot escape the ombre. This trend has become so integral part of our lives, we just have it in everything. Hair trends, manicure trends, furniture, interior design, fashion, you name it. In terms of neon nails, I like to give you a more unique take on the ombre, not just some colors overflowing each other.

17. Half And Half Neon Design

Photo: weheartit.com

Personally, I am not much of a fan of many different colors on your nails. I am more of a simply person. One, and maximum three colors are more than enough for me. But I understand that there are ladies out there that want at least five colors. And instead of putting five different colors on a whole nail, I want to give you a more interesting and playful manicure.

18. Different Colored Nails with Acrylic Flowers

Photo: instagram.com

Now this is a color combination I can live with. All of the colors compliment each other, especially yellow and green. I love the pale version of colors. And pink always pops out. No matter what hue you use.

19. Naked Polka Dotted Design

Photo: pinterest.com

Another manicure that involves a lot of colors. And again, I do not want you to cover your whole nail with many different colors. The polka dot design is perfect when you want to have many different colors, but do it in style.

20. Rainbow Ombre Heart Swirls

Photo: instagram.com

Being that neon colors bring colorful manicure to the table, it is only logical that we finish off with a bunch of color splash. I give you the rainbow ombre. Definitely one of the most colorful manicure designs you can get. It doesn’t get more colorful than this.

I would also like to hear from you, and see your neon nails.

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