24 Pierced Nails: A 90s Nail Trend Makes a Comeback

Kim Kardashian is a trend setter. That much is obvious. She is one of the few celebrities in Hollywood who can truly experiment with styles. And 9 out of 10 times, she will hit the sweet spot. That being said, it’s no surprise that she managed to bring back pierced nails.

One of the more bizarre trends of the 90s, pierced nails are here again. To be fair, when it comes to nails, the sky is the limit. We’ve seen almost every style and trend in manicures. Today, we look at several ideas for pierced nails.

1. Naked Pierced Nail with Rhinestone Charm

Photo: instagram.com

We start off with a simple, minimalistic design. All you need is one rhinestone, and that’s it. As we move down the list, you’ll see some more bizarre and crazy ideas. But let’s start simple.

2. Two Hoop Charms on White and Gold Nails


One thing to note is that pierced nails work wonderfully with glitter and gold. After all, they are sort of extravagant. So the extravagance of gold and glitter fits nicely with the 90s trend.

3. Glitter Nails with Gold Charm

Photo: instagram.com

The sky is the limit, but you’ll mostly find cute and adorable piercings for nails. However, every now and then, we get something like a dollar sign. Talk about trying to show how glamorous you are!

4. Silver Bridal Nails with Thin Connected Chain

Photo: ljgtzx.com

The similarity to Morticia from The Addams Family is not intended. I must say, there is a certain charm in this manicure idea. But I just wonder how you will survive your event with chains on your nails.

5. Black Matte Coffin Nails with Silver Piercing

Photo: pinterest.com

The one part of pierced nails that I love is minimalism. I have nothing against the trend, especially when done in such a subtle way.

6. White Nails with Crown Charm

Photo: instagram.com

Think of nails as just another place where you can have jewelry. That’s the sole purpose of pierced nails, and charms are such good pieces of jewelry. Plus, you must appreciate the black and white combination.

7. Pink Cat Nails with Silver Hoop Piercings

Photo: instagramator.com

Yes, even pierced nails can look feminine. If you thought that was impossible, think again. It depends on how you match your manicure with the piercing. Given the fact that pink is a very feminine color, it works well with silver jewelry.

8. Red Nail Chain Connected with Golden Hoops

Photo: instagram.com

This is one of the manicure ideas only a few people can pull off. For example, someone like Kim Kardashian. Nails attached to your nails? Talk about extravagance!

9. Black and White Striped Nails with Pink Charm

Photo: pinterest.com

I always appreciate a good black and white combination, especially when you combine it with something as charismatic as a pink charm.

10. Pink and Gold Nails with Thick Golden Chain

Photo: instagram.com

It might be 2017, but this is a throwback to the 90s, when women were wearing chains and jammed on Nirvana. This idea might be the best imitation of the 90s pierced nails trend.

11. Black Nails Circled with Black Pierced Hoops

Photo: instagramator.com

Now here is a cringe-worthy manicure idea. When you look at the nails, they look strange—even bizarre. I can safely say that these nails look like an insect. But that’s what the trend is about—creating a strange manicure.

12. Pink Nails with Golden Charms

Photo: instagramator.com

We already established that one charm on your nails is a good, subtle way to execute the pierced nails trend. But some women simply want more. As in, more charms.

13. Green Neon Nails Connected with Golden Chain and Hoops

Photo: instagramator.com

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you can take the pierced nails to a whole new level. The simplest way to do that is by using a color that pops. And this lively green definitely makes you stand out.

14. Gray Nails with Black Skull, Chain Designs, and Skull Charm

Photo: instagramator.com

Nope, this is not morbid at all. Or cringe-worthy. This is just a perfect example of the 90s pierced nails trend. Back then, music was much more hardcore. Alternative rock bands and skulls were synonymous with each other.

15. Black and White with Pink Accent Nail and Heart Charm

Photo: instagram.com

By now you probably know that the best way to execute the trend in a feminine way is with dashes of pink. Whatever you do, add some pink, and you have a girly manicure. That heart does not hurt your case either.

16. Baby Blue Cat Nails with Golden Hoops

Photo: instagram.com

For women who don’t like pink, baby blue is the perfect alternative. Another feminine color that can help you do the pierced nails trend in a girly way.

17. Black and White Asian Design Nails with Cross Charm

Photo: misseva.ru

I said the sky is the limit for manicures. And that applies to the black and white combination as well. We’ve had several black and white combos, but adding a touch of the Asian culture is a nice way to look unique.

18. Peach and Blue Nails with Golden Nail Jewelry and Piercing

Photo: wheretoget.it

Coral blue is the color of confident women. Peach is in that category as well. You can safely say that this is a combination for a woman who has style and confidence, and is not afraid to show it.

19. Black Nails Connected with Silver Chain

Photo: ok.ru

Black is a very bold color, especially when it’s shiny and glossy. Not many women can pull it off (and that silver chain makes it even harder to pull off). Now, this might look like a Gothic outfit and manicure, but any woman who feels confident enough can try it.

20. Silver Glitter Nails with Black Lines and Pierced Hoops

Photo: instagram.com

There are many ways to do pierced nails and still look fairly normal. Not to say that women who wear pierced nails are crazy or something. But we definitely saw some fanciful examples on the list. This one, however, falls into that normal category. To be fair, the piercings aren’t very noticeable.

21. Pink Nails with Golden Leaf and Butterfly Charm

Photo instagram.com

Given the fact that pink is the most feminine color for pierced nails, it’s no surprise that we’ve had quite a few examples. A butterfly works great in this combination, as it gives the manicure a refreshing new look.

22. Black Nails Connected with Thin Silver Chain

Photo: beautytester.it

We had black with silver chains before. But that was with glossy black. In a matte finish, some might say the look is more normal. And the chain is definitely smaller and thicker. That being said, there are different ways to pull off black and silver chains.

23. Orange Neon Nails with Silver Chain

Photo: beauty.ua

For those ladies who want to try chains, but are afraid of the black, orange can do the trick. After all, think of the Orange Is the New Black TV show; that premise sounds so good, doesn’t it?

24. Black Nails with Letter Charms

Photo: twitter.com/sky18_com

I would like to finish off with a personal touch, and there is nothing more personal than letter charms. You can go for your name, your initials, or anything else you like.

In any case, I hope you found something that you can use to try the 90s pierced nails trend.

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