28 Pretty Playful Nail Designs To Look Cool In Summer

When it comes to summer, you want positive vibes, you want cheerful colors, and joy all around you. And that includes your nails as well. Today, we will look at several summer manicure ideas that are all about color and positive vibes.

1. Turquoise And White With Gold Specks

Photo: instagram.com

We start you off with some sea color. All of us want to swim in a turquoise sea. That is arguably the most beautiful color of the sea. And in that spirit, we start off with some turquoise nails.

2. Fun Waved Out Beach Nails

Photo: hana4art.tumblr.com

One of the beauty of summer nails is that you can play with all colors at once. And nobody will judge you. After all, summer is all about colors. Here is a wavy design of so many summer colors.

3. Sky Blue And Yellow With Silver Orb Rhinestones

Photo: instagram.com

Continuing in that summer vibe spirit, we must include the sky and the sun. That sunny yellow color is perfect for the summer. And paired with a sky blue, you get a match made in heaven.

4. Red Nails With Tiny Flowers

Photo: instagram.com

One of the few periods during the year when red is not a bold and pop-up color is summer. During the summer, even red can be a standard and common color. And you just know red goes wonderfully with some flowers.

5. Nautical Nails With Orange Stripes And Dots

Photo: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

You just cannot avoid the nautical manicure during the summer. After all, you can say they are synonymous for each other. I love the orange and peachy addition, makes this manicure more balanced.

6. Grassy Green Nails With Gold And Silver Glitter Accent

Photo: instagram.com

There are so many colors during the summer, you just cannot get enough of them. One of those colors is the grass green. During the summer, the grass is best looking. The glitter makes a welcoming addition to this manicure. You get one accent nail that pops, and a color that is just perfect for the summer.

7. Sea Shell, Stone And Feather Summer

Photo: instagram.com

Just look at these nails. And tell me they do not represent everything we have in the summer. You have beach motives, some yellow, and accessories in there. A true masterpiece.

8. Light Purple French Mani With Dark Purple Flower Lines

Photo: instagram.com

Some people want to keep their nails in neutral and pale colors even during the summer. And there is nothing wrong in that. One might say summer is the time to experiment with colors. But you can also say that these violet nails are a small and subtle experiment.

9. Mermaid Scale Nails

Photo: instagram.com

This summer we have the mermaid hair color trend. And why not some mermaid nails to go along with that? One thing you have to know is these nails will take a lot of effort. There is just too much that can go wrong. Paint one color too much and the whole manicure is wasted. But if you are patient enough to apply nail polish, you can get one of the best manicures out there.

10. Fun Beach Ball Nail Design

Photo: more.com

We draw inspiration from so many things during the summer. The beach ball is another element that is just a must in the summer. And one thing we know about the beach ball: it is colorful. Your nails will look awesome, playful, and vibrant. Spread the positive vibes.

11. Orange Blue Sunset Gradient Nails

Photo: thenailasaurus.com

This manicure might look boring and neutral on first glance. But it represents the perfect colors of the sunset. And let’s be honest. No ombre and gradient nail technique can look boring. The only thing I would love to see is more length.

12. Pink And Blue Seashell Tipped Naked Nails

Photo: instagram.com

You can look at this manicure as French with seashells. And that is basically what you get. Instead of the boring white French, you get some seashells on the tips of your nails. A true summer design.

13. Pink Ice Cream With Sprinkles Nail Design

Photo: instagram.com

You cannot avoid the ice cream during summer. I know I cannot wait for summer to come so I can drawn myself into ice cream. I am sure many of you are the same. To be fair, wearing ice cream on my nails would make me crave ice cream 24 x 7. But that might be a good thing, right?

14. Yellow Sun Lines

Photo: instagram.com

We talked about yellow summer sun color previously. Back then, we had yellow paired with sky blue. Now, we focus only on the sunny yellow. But do not worry, your nails will not be boring. You have different patterns to take care of that.

15. Starfish And Sand Dollar Blue Nails

Photo: instagram.com

Just look at that color. Now that is something you definitely must try at least once during this summer. You do not even have to get the starfish and other designs. The color itself is perfect. You can always accessorize if you like though.

16. Pink Hues With Gold Glitter

Photo: instagram.com

I must say, pink, white, and gold are not much of a summer vibe manicure. But the design looks awesome. To be fair, the design is more of a sophisticated take on the summery colors. After all, some of us work in offices where turquoise and green nails are just not allowed.

17. Neon Orange Sunset Nails


I just cannot get enough of these nails. I am sure anyone who loves watching the sunset and the sunrise will appreciate this manicure design. It’s like someone has painted the sunset on your nails. How awesome is that?

18. Colorful Summer Themed Nails

Photo: ink361.com

I said at the beginning that you can play with all different colors during the summer, and nobody will say a word. Try this manicure during the winter, for example, and you will look silly. But in the summer, you can get away with anything. You can say it is a bit girly design, but who doesn’t want to feel young?

19. Green And Yellow Nails With White Flowers And Rhinestones

Photo: instagram.com

You might actually try more vibrant yellow hues during the summer. But I have nothing against this mint colored green nails. They are actually a great contrast to the yellow. As for the rhinestones, they make every manicure design better. Just be careful not to overdo them.

20. Foamy Sea Nails With Fruity Accents

Photo: instagram.com

Fruits and sea, isn’t that a perfect pairing? I have to be honest, I cannot get enough of summer nails. Being that I love colorful and playful designs, summer is the best season for that. And these nails fail just perfectly in that category.

21. Colorful Nails With White Zig-Zag And Criss-Cross Lines

Photo: instagram.com

Talk about playful and whimsical nails. Some people would stay away due to the many patterns and zig zag elements. But if you want unique and playful design, you cannot get much better than this one.

22. Pink Sandy Nail Design

Photo: instagram.com

I would love to know the technique of these nails. My god, they look perfect. And you go with the almond shape. Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than this. Those colors are just perfectly matched.

23. Playful Wavy Beach Scene Nails

Photo: depoisdosquinze.com

On first glance, these nails look childish and girly. But who cares? They tell a story, and you can even say you carry summer on your nails. You have all the summer elements there, including crabs.

24. Neon Negative Space Design

Photo: instagram.com

The first thing you notice is how colors are matched with each other. This takes careful planing and forward thinking. Some colors work with each other, others do not. In this case, all of the colors work. My only concern would be how you pair this with your outfit? The good news is you can wear an all white dress and still look colorful.

25. Pink Gel Sea Shell Nails With Golden Rings

Photo: instagram.com

Talk about dedication and attention to detail. Even the nails look like sea shells. Just look at their shape. I must say, when I see people going over the top for the perfect manicure, I appreciate them even more.

26. Purple Sunset With Palm Trees Nails

Photo: instagram.com

We had the orange sunset, and now we have the purple sunset. Let’s be honest, the purple sunset doesn’t happen in real life. But on your nails? It definitely looks awesome.

27. Gradient Rainbow With Tribal Design

Photo: instagram.com

We cannot talk about summer nail designs without mentioning the rainbow design. That is just something that goes hand in hand with summer. Loving the tribal design, as it gives the simple colors playfulness.

28. Blue And White Shell Beach Nails

Photo: instagram.com

Being that the topic is summer nails, it is only fitting that we finish off with a beach inspired manicure. After all, the beach is a synonym for summer. Seashells, sand, and everything else.

That being said, I hope you enjoyed the list. I certainly did. As I said, I love summer nail designs. They offer the most color choices, and playfulness second to none. I am sure there are many more designs you can think of, and I would love to see them in the comments.

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