29 Sweet Toenail Designs to Show Off This Summer

The summer is here, and you know what that means: pedicures, and lots of cute pedicures. Let’s be honest—you can hide your toenails for almost 8 months. But once the warm months arrive, you just have to wear open shoes.

Now while nude toenails are all right, a good pedicure is a major turn on. Men love women who take care of their body, and that includes every inch of it. So today we will look at several cute, adorable, but also sexy, toenail designs.

1. Bright Yellow Toenail with Rhinestones

Photo: instagram.com

Is there a color more synonymous with summer than yellow? Of course not. It’s your way of welcoming the summer—a sunny yellow pedicure. The rhinestones are just a bonus.

2. Turquoise Toenails with Black Silhouette Feather

Photo: beautytipsntricks.com

Some years ago, a pedicure was all about the color. Nowadays, however, a pedicure is much more. We see different designs, patterns, accessories, and so much more than just a simple color. The feather is one of the best symbols you can add, since it creates a flow with your feet.

3. Pink and Purple Toenails with Diamond Rhinestones

Photo: collections.yandex.ru

I said at the beginning that this will be a cute and adorable list. In that spirit, pink and purple are at the top of the list of cute colors. The rhinestones are always a nice touch. And I love when things are simple and minimal.

4. Naked Nails with White Lines and Blue Accents

Photo: instagram.com

Some women want a little more of a whimsical design for their toenails. If that describes you, this design will definitely make life easier for you. You have everything here: accessories, colors, and simple lines.

5. Green Nail with White Flowers

Photo: onelady.ru

Bring your garden everywhere with you. That’s the best way to describe this pedicure. Flowers provide a nice, romantic touch. As for the green, it’s a really refreshing and cheerful color.

6. Blue, White and Gold Ellipses

Photo: hairstyles.bath-dba.net

A design that looks just like the waves of the sea and the ocean—definitely something you want to bring to the beach with you.

7. White and Brown Toenails with Black Flowers

Photo: instagram.com

I know that brown might not be the best color choice for many women. After all, we all want something more colorful and lively for our manicures and pedicures. But brown can look good if paired with the right color. At first glance, this design looks simple, but it is just adorable.

8. Silver French Pedicure with Delicate Flowers

Photo: pinterest.de

The French manicure is one of the most popular nail styles. But it’s also good for a pedicure, especially when you want to look elegant and simple at the same time. Add in some flowers, and you have a playful pedicure.

9. Peach Mermaid Toenail Design

Photo: facebook.com/shearsistersbeauty

I must admit, peach is one of my favorite colors for a pedicure. I don’t know why, but to me, it just looks fantastic. It doesn’t hurt that the color is so easy to pair with any outfit.

10. V-Shaped Black French Manicure and Pedicure

Photo: informacionimagenes.net

I said at the beginning that there will be some sexy designs as well. We are at that point now, with a very feminine black and white combination. No matter what you wear, your nails and toenails will complement your outfit perfectly.

11. White Toenails with Diagonal Black Lace

Photo: instagram.com

I always say that lace is a beautiful addition to any manicure or pedicure. It brings a sensual and romantic touch to the design, and it makes you feel and look more confident and feminine. Isn’t that something we all like?

12. White Nails with Colorful Dotted Flowers

Photo: do.nn.ru

As you can guess, there will be many beach-inspired designs on the list. And for a beach pedicure, white is the perfect base. Draw flowers, waves, or anything in blue and similar colors, and you have yourself a beach pedicure.

13. Red Toenails with White Flowers

Photo: instagram.com

You’ll rarely see red as a color for a pedicure. It’s bold and courageous, but at the same time, extremely sexy. If you want to tone down the sexiness, white flowers are a great addition (I recommend daisies).

14. Orange Nails with X-shaped White and Silver Big Toe

Photo: nailartgallery.nailsmag.com

Remember when I said peach was my favorite color, and that it works wonderfully for a pedicure? Well, this is a bit more of a unique take on the peach/orange nails. That “X” changes the whole dynamic of your pedicure, making it great for wearing silver clothes and accessories.

15. Colored Glass Art Toenails

Photo: instagram.com

Vitrage, the French style of glazing windows, is very popular in almost every industry. Even in the beauty industry, Vitrage can be a great pedicure design.

16. Blue and Red Diamond Pattern

Photo: twitter.com

Diamonds are girl’s best friend. That’s what Carol Channing sang many years ago in the play Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. And the premise hasn’t changed. Women still crave diamonds. If you can’t have real diamonds, you can always draw them on your toenails.

17. Marine Blue Nail with Rhinestone Accent

Photo: pinterest.com

Marine blue, or coral blue, is one of the most sophisticated and elegant colors, and it’s no surprise that it makes the list for summer pedicures. When you want to look sharp from head to toe, marine blue is the way to go.

18. Red-Yellow Flower on White Base

Photo: strefaurody.czeladz.pl

I said previously that white is a perfect base, especially for beach-inspired pedicures. But white is great for flower pedicures as well. White allows other colors, or in this case, flowers, to really pop out.

19. Black and White Lace Design with Pink Rhinestones

Photo: becomegorgeous.com

When you think of black and white, it’s often a classic, and frankly boring, combination. But that’s just wrong thinking. The black and white combination has so much more to offer. Being that both black and white are great bases, you can put anything you can think of on your toenails. In this case, that means rhinestones and lace design.

20. Pink XOXO Toenails

Photo: instagram.com

XOXO will always remind me of Gossip Girl. In reality, XOXO is hugs and kisses. Send your hugs from your toenails.

21. Ombre Blue Beach Toenail Design

Photo: instagram.com

If you thought ombre couldn’t make its way to your pedicure, think again. Yes, the toenails are rather small to fit all the colors of ombre. But it can be done, and this is a perfect example.

22. Gingham and Plaid Toenail Design

Photo: cuded.com

Gingham usually comes in white and a bold color. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try gingham in a paler version—like brown, for example. This is a design for women who don’t want to stand out. A simple, subtle, and rather non-noticeable pedicure.

23. White, Gray and Blue Washout Toenail Design

Photo: instagram.com

Now doesn’t this design remind you of waves and the sea? I know I think of the beach, sand, and swimming. I love the blue color and how just one toenail stands out.

24. Purple, Pink, and White Geometric Design

Photo: nailbook.jp

If you remember, at the beginning we had a “cute and adorable” pink and purple design. This one is in the same spirit, but with a little twist. The geometric design makes it a bit more interesting, and gives people something to gaze at.

25. Blue Seaside Toenail Design

Photo: instagram.com

This design blends so perfectly with the beach and the sand. You just can’t go wrong with shades of blue for a summer pedicure.

26. Pink with Half Moon Tribal Stamp Decal

Photo: instagram.com

Some will say that the tribal style has no place in pedicure. Well, I say they’re wrong. Tribal designs are such a powerful statement, and you should try one at least once in your life. Tribals show confidence and high self-esteem.

27. Neon Multicolored-Lined Design

Photo: ameblo.jp

Taking colors to the max. We have all the colors of the rainbow here, and in the most random order possible. If your world is colorful, there’s no reason why your toenails shouldn’t be colorful as well.

28. Galaxy Toenail Design

Photo: fabnailartdesigns.com

Truth be told, galaxy- and space-inspired themes are not something you think of for toenails at first. But the fact of the matter is that galaxy-inspired themes are very cool and unique. And what women doesn’t want a unique pedicure?

29. Green Lime Gel Toenail Design

Photo: nailsmag.com

Summer is the season of fruit. So it’s only fitting that we finish off with a fruit-inspired pedicure, right?

I hope you enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to your beach and summer pedicure ideas.

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